DJ Harvey’s Wildest Dreams

A modern day equivalent of the L.A. wrecking crew, Wildest Dreams is the brainchild of DJ Harvey as a means to keep his multi-instrumentalist hand in, so to speak. Wildest Dreams make music inspired by the landscape of L.A and it surrounds for your road and acid trip. The self-titled album was recorded over a week a couple years ago and unearthed by Smalltown Supersound. It will be released July 29th. Listen to Wildest Dreams’ ever so groovy “Last Ride” below and check out the track’s teaser video.

DJ Harvey is a near mythical character whose musical style cannot simply be filed as eclectic or retrospective; he plays whatever he feels, as he feels it, but always for the crowd. He is an analogue loving DJ that utilizes reel to reel and effects all conjured live while not being afraid to also work new technology in the mix. He’s respected and in demand all over the world. Best put by Rolling Stone when included in their “25 DJs That Rule The Earth,” “If Keith Richards was a DJ, he’d totally be Harvey. A libertine Englishman turned California surfer dude, Harvey has been rocking dance floors since the 1980s with his ocean-deep collection of rare disco, Pink Floyd-y space rock, off-kilter techno and anything else danceable. Or as Harvey once said, ‘You can’t understand the blues until you’ve had your heart broken by a woman. And you can’t understand my music until you’ve had group sex on Ecstasy.’”

This year sees Harvey touring the globe and curating his own line up’s for clubs and festivals. His appearance as part of James Lavelle’s weeklong Meltdown Festival in June sold out London’s Royal Festival Hall in an hour.