Jacques Greene

LuckyMe are very proud to present Jacques Greene’s Phantom Vibrate EP. A three track club 12” of JGs most sophisticated songs to date. Phantom Vibrate explores themes of human interaction with technology as he embarks on a new hardware show and string of headline launch events in the three cities that helped model his signature blend of techno, house & contemporary R&B: Brooklyn, Montreal & London.

Now residing in New York, Jacques Greene is a producer helping define the next template for dance music – something not beholden to purist abstract language of what’s ‘real’ house music or techno. No, JG is singularly absorbing experimental influences, hip hop & R&B. It’s ironic then that should the old guard of dance music take notice of this artist they’d find an old head on young shoulders. Greene continues to write on analogue hardware – he’s DJ sets a journey through Chicago and Detroit, albeit ending up in the contemporary hubs of London & Atlanta. Since his early releases The Look, Another Girl and last summers massive On Your Side ft How To Dress Well – he has proven himself as an artist who doesn’t think in tracks. These are considered EPs with deliberate aesthetic themes.