Elysia Crampton

This is Elysia’s first official full-length album, existing as part of her Shenandoah Series but now released by FaltyDL’s Blueberry Records. It’s a concept study that follows Virginian American history, exploring brownness as more than culture or othering, as geology. As mud, dirt and mineral, enmeshed in lithic, vast time scales.

American narratives are re-examined on this level: narratives of colonized and colonizer, slave histories, impact events and fern spikes, two-spirit and queer indigenous histories. Trans-ontologies are given voice and resonance.

Elysia’s inspiration and influence comes from her love and relation to Latin American prog, Bolivian/Peruvian psych and metal, Mexican Tribalo style as well as Crunk/ southern hip hop, American psychedelic folk and Southern blues.

Artists of influence include hip-hop group Crucifix, illapu, Wara, Ruth White, Lady Legend J, Skip James, Quilapayun, Linda Perhacs, Stepin Fetchit and Bert Williams, among others.