It’s simple. When it come’s to ABRA and her art, she’d rather do it herself. The singer/songwriter, self-taught producer, and reigning “Dark Wave Duchess” was born in New York. As a child, ABRA moved around a lot – from New York to London, where she spent a large part of her childhood. Eventually, she landed in the suburbs of Metro Atlanta, where she grew up.

Her love of music stemmed from her parent’s eclectic taste, and spending endless hours at choir practices at the church where her father used to preach. One day, she picked up a guitar, and taught herself how to play and, eventually, she began to cover all of her favorite jams. In college, ABRA’s YouTube covers caught the attention of Father. They started to hang out, but eventually fell out of touch. A few years later, Father and ABRA bumped into each other, and she’s been Awful ever since.